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Adams Chapel AME Church

Valerie Walker, M. Div., Pastor

About Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Youth and young adults are leaders today, growing and learning to be great leaders for tomorrow. Your needs are important to us as well as our future. Young Adult Ministry(YAM) and Young People's Division(YPD) provide fellowship, training, and service opportunities to meet the needs specific to these two groups. 

Young People's Division

YPD Pledge

I pledge my willing and untiring service to all efforts of the Young People's and Children's Division to aid the needy and suffering people, regardless of race, color or creed. I further pledge to take the Bible as my guide, to aid my church, and to attend meetings regularly. In all these tasks I seek the Savior's guidance.

YPD Motto

Grow, Glow, and Go for Christ

YPD Goals

Develop and strengthen relationship with God

Increase knowledge and understanding of the Bible

Increase knowledge of the AME church

Shape personal development and leadership skills

Enhance ability to conduct an orderly meeting

Increase active participation in church ministries

Strengthen foundation in implementing mission and service projects

Provide opportunities to form healthy relationships and communication patterns

Provide opportunities for fellowship and improved spiritual health

YPD and Missionary Benediction

In the name of the triune God

May the spirit of Christian mission

Enter every heart

This we ask in Jesus' name


Young Adult Ministry(YAM)

By The Reverend Valarie Walker

The Young Adult Ministry is comprised of members of the congregation between the ages of 18 and 45 who seek to minister to the spiritual, social, career, and community needs of young adults. We want young adult Christians to take their place in the ministry of Christ. Therefore, we will plan forums, fellowships, and service opportunities in the church and outside the church to present the good news of Christ and invite young adults to take this journey of faith, hope, and love with us.

YAM strives to create a community of young adults who are spiritually equipped to handle the challenges of today’s society through the power of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to change lives and in that regard, we will help young adults to focus on three areas: relationship with God, relationship with others, and "relationship" with self.

YAM aims to achieve this through activities that cater to the spiritual, emotional, and social needs of young adults. With that in mind, we want our young adults to be involved with fellowships, worship services, a weekly "tele-worship and prayer service" via phone, spiritual conferences, and a variety of other activities specifically geared toward young adult needs.